Water-cooled computer chassis of integrative shaping

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  • An integrated design combined Liquid cooling system and Computer enclosure together.
  • Easy installation for CPU brkt, cooling chamber, and hose connector x 2.  No additional labor is required for cooling components.
  • Hose connecter with structure design patent limits the leaking problems.
  • SGS thermal test report
    • In door temp. 27 degree C Intel CPU temp. 36.88 degree C at PC idle operation.
    • In door temp. 27 degree C  Intel CPU temp. 50.83 degree C at full load operation
  • Patents listed under multi nations.


Patent No


SGS report No


SGS test result

Indoor temp 27 degree C

Intel CPU P4 3.6G temp up to
36.88 degree C at idle operation.

Indoor temp 27 degree C

Intel CPU P4 3.6G temp up to
50.83 degree C at full load operation.

Solid copper liquid chamber

Flow channels designed for better heat dissipate without back flow issue.

Large radiation

12mm copper tubes with inner spiral structure combine with 120mm x 240mm x 38mm Aluminum fins.

DC brushless motor/pump

Low noise, and output up to 600 liter/Hr, 50,000Hr life time

Hose connector

SGS Tensile test passed 16.82 kgf.
Limit leaking issue.
Report No: HC90069/2005

Integrated design

Simplified installation, no any modification for
liquid cooling system and case .

Temp difference

Keep the center area temp of PC case about 10 degree C lower than the temp of CPU at PC full load operation.

Auto/Manual thermal control

120mm x 120mm x 38mm cooling fan x 2,
keep the CPU running in the better temp and

low noise environment

Build in monitor system

Warning as fan is out of order.
Warning as pump out of order or it is running at less than 600 RPM. shut down system as leaking.


570 x 285 x 570 MM


Net : 10.0 KG
Gross : 11.8 KG

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