2013 Computex Taipei Best Choice-the Jury's SAward
HM-88 2013/05/28Taipei Computer Association
Winning Reason 1. The new TrueOpenTM algorithm allows natural participation for the human auditory system. 2. The patented OGS earphone compensates users’ insufficient (sound’s loudness) in all sound frequencies with no blockage and no change of hearing senses and behaviors 3. The patented PDAS design smartly deals with hearing aid’s critical issues– the feedback suppression, noise and wind cancellation.

Best Choice Award of 2010 Computex Taipei
CC01 Magclip+,earphone new fashion 2010/06/04Taipei Computer Association
the accessory and peripheral category

Best Choice Award
H138-BOB(V) Sport Earphone-Iguana 2009/06/01Taipei Compter Association
2009 Computex Taipei, Peripheral & Accessory category

Gold Medal of 2007 Geneva Intl Invention Fair
CC01 Magclip+,earphone new fashion 2007/06/12Geneva International Invention Exhibition
The OGS Technology Adopted won this invention award

Special Award of Swiss Inventor' Association
CC01 Magclip+,earphone new fashion 2007/06/12Switzerland Inventor's Association
2007 Geneva International Invention Exhibition, featuring the invention has special contribution ob improving human living quality