Why is it necessary to plug earphone directly into your ears? Fed up with earphones obstucting your ears? TOPlay here presents a new experience for personal music enjoyments.

Whilst major earphone vendors are focusing on providing audio quality regardless of the hearing damage problems, by adopting the innovative Open Guided Sound (OGS) technology, TOPlay's non-occluding earphone is the only solution in the market featuring concerns of hearingg health, mobile safety, comforts, and superior audio quality at the same time.

<<The Start>>

2005, While developing the MP3 player for sport use, it was realized traditional headphones provide music enjoyments, but sacrifice the hearing health and safety concerns. To solve such deficiencies, TOPlay studied and developed a portable headphone which could resolve the concerns, and provides greater comforts and the audio quality.

2006, Based on the OGS (open guided sound) design, the first earphone bringing safety to the ears is invented. It does not obstruct the ear canal, and delivers music in a very natural way-by leveraging the human’s natural hearing system, the personal music and surrounding sounds are well united and collected as listening to the loudspeakers in a room.

2007, The OGS patent won the Gold Medal of Geneva International Exhibition, and the Special Award issued by ESI/ASI fo Switzerland. TOPlay was also recommended by TOMATIS, an international language learning and improvement institue headquartered at Geneva, to its worldwide members that TOPlay's earphone is the first earphone bringing safety to the ears.

TOPlay OGS earphone creates a new experience, where users could keep their natural hearing as usual, and interactive freely with the surroundings while enjoy personal music. In addition, there are additional benefits, including the vivid and innocent audio quality, great comforts, and improved hearing health and mobile safety. There are 2 practices of OGS earphones- the Hanger Series, and the MagClip Series.

 The OGS Hanger Series  snug earphones beside user's pinna as personal loudspeakers. Sounds are guided  toward user's ears without disturbing others. Its light-weight and soft design provides great comforts for long use, and the extremely all day comforts. It won the Best Choice Award of Computex Taipei 2009.

The MagClip Series is re-designed in 2010. The audio quality is qualified as professional grade. Its fashion design defines a new wave of earphone revolution, and won Computex Taipei 2010 Best Choice Award.

<<To be continue...>>

While promoting the OGS earphones, TOPlay found the stronger demands of non-obstructing ear and quality hearing solution from the senior people. Their aging hearing could be hardly adapted to the hearing aids on the markets, and looks for a hearing support system which is fully occlusion free, and could be easily adapted to improve their living quality.

2012, TOPlay invented the revolution technology- the PDASTM (Phase Differential Acoustic System) solution, and successfully eliminate hearing aid system’s feedback whistling phenomenon, and smartly cancels other noises without distortion and delays.

2013, TOPlay launches the Hearing Mate system. By adopting the OGS and PDAS technologies, it is use-and-accept, and could improve aging people’s living quality instantly and easily.