T-MOD - A reliable manufacturer

T-MOD Enterprise Co., Ltd. established in 1985, has been a steadily growing company specializing in PC periperal design and manufacure for ODM/OEM. Comprehensive product development services including design, engineering and manufacturing are available through experienced research in developed department. With innovated design and high quality request on production, T-MOD has long been a benchmark for others to follow.


Efforts on Quality

With the spirit of honesty and reliability, T-MOD is dedicated to provide top quality, high performance and the most reliable perfessional service for its customers. T-MOD is very proud of its design and the manufacturing capability which is able to create a stable, functional and reliable product with all the hearts. Each product must undergo the quality control strictly starting from designing to production and from QC to packing.


Customer Service

T-MOD positions itself as a solution provider for its customer in PC peripheral products. On OEM/ODM services, T-MOD accepts projects covering specification issues, designing and production. Meanwhile, T-MOD has gained trust and confidence from customers. T-MOD is pleased to assist customers in finding optimum solutions to customers' PC & Mobile accessory needs. T-MOD regards each order as a challenge to come up with something special in terms of quality, delivery time and price. As a highly fliexible and adaptable company, T-MOD is firmly established in both OEM/ODM and distribution markets. A leading supplier for many of the industry's leading brand companies by providing them with high quality service and a comprehensive range of products.


Future Prospects

As the industry growth rapidly these recent years, T-MOD will continue to meet the demands for products and develop different models, and will continuously provide professional service. As the demand increases, T-MOD will meet it.