SunComm Technology Co., Ltd Core members have been engaged in Communication networking & Wireless business since 1977. The new products in 2012 focus on 3G/ GSM & VoIP Devices such as 3G VoIP Terminal, 3G Wifi AP Router, Wifi IP Phone & IP PBX with GSM port.

  • 3G VoIP Terminal: SC-375-3G with 1SIM, 1VoIP port; 3G VoIP Terminal SC-385-3G with 2SIM, 2VoIP ports for 3G/UMTS (WCDMA, 3G) –VoIP Conversion.

  • GSM VoIP Terminal: SCG-32-V with 32 SIM;  SC-895 with 8SIM; SC-495 with 4SIM for  for 32, 8, 4 SIM GSM - SIP VoIP connection, quad band, SMS, support auto hunting. Which are designed for ISP Call Termination or outbound call center use.

  • 3G/ GSM FWP; 3G/ GSM FWT with 1, 4, 8 SIM cards.

  •  Wifi ATA, Wifi IP phone with PoE, Head set Jack;  IP PBX with GSM ports

  • 3G Wifi AP Router with 802.11n; HSDAP, EVDO, EDGE USB modem

SunComm Technology Co., Ltd has set up Doug Guan Liaison Office at Guan Dong Province, China to support customers with cost saving, quality assurance and efficient service. We'll make every edeavour to provide the best service from Taiwan and China offices simultaneously.