Head office in Taipei, Taiwan, founded in April 2005, is built on an enthusiasm, creative work environment and composed by a group of expertise in our business field. SeeHot Electronics Co., Ltd. positions itself as a superior connectivity solutions provider to design and manufacture a wide range of mobile computing and communication peripherals such as Bluetooth Headset, Multi-Function Card Reader, USB Hub, Notebook Cooling Pad, Earphone, HDD Enclosure, Mobile Phone Screen Protector and other mobile items. We always adapt to meet the needs of an ever-changing globe market to make the customer's mobile experience easier and more enjoyable.

SeeHot competitive advantage lies in the following aspects: Strong backgrounds in bluetooth and USB connectivity industries, one-stop-OEM/ODM solution offering through constant support, accurate market strategy, complete vertical integration, and excellent new product design and development capability. SeeHot also launched, SEEHOT, our house brand in Taiwan market, has tremendous success and widely recognized as the leading mobile computing and communication peripherals provider. In order to acquire more varieties and convenient mobile life products to our customers, we not only offer competitive price and highest quality, but also willing to share business know-how and market information to create the most wealth for our customers.
Accumulating the successful experiences in Mobile Computing and communication peripherals, SeeHot’s ability to develop innovative, economical, elegant design, ease-of-use, unmatched quality products has become very complete and mature. SeeHot announced the beginning of a new stage, transforming from Mobile Computing peripherals to Mobile Lifestyle products. At SeeHot, we bring state-of-the-art merchandises to all global customers.

Mobile Revolution

Today, SeeHot is leading what it calls the mobile revolution, where the device-whether it is on the desk,  or in your hands-becomes the focal point for accessing and sharing both information and entertainment. As a worldwide Mobile Computing and Communications peripherals leader, SeeHot is well positioned to help lead this transformation from a "Desktop-centric" to a "Mobile-centric" world.

Market Philosophy

SeeHot is committed to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations in quality, value and innovation. In addition, SeeHot's ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition remains a primary focus of the company. Unlike some of its primary competitors, SeeHot is exclusively devoted to the connectivity technology business, which enables the company to better focus its resources. SeeHot also makes maintaining strong, trust-based partnerships with its business partners a top priority. We take serious attitude to control every factor to enhance competitiveness of customers. We also share with customers our marketing strategies, information and every achievement we made to enhance higher market share.

SeeHot as Mobile Lifestyle Provider

A large part of SeeHot's success stems from an innovative production approach that enables the company to design, produce and distribute its products faster and more cost effectively than competitors. Rather than adopting traditional, slower processes, SeeHot has developed a business model that allows the company to quickly match advanced technologies from research laboratories around the world to market demands. Additionally, SeeHot has been collaborating with leading organizations to explore the cutting-edge technology in the mobile lifestyle field.


We are aiming to perfect the technology to explore the best applications of mobile lifestyle products to utilize its powerful advantages. Our fundamental belief is that our products will improve and simplify people’s daily mobile lives.

Corporate Vision

To be the most innovative, advanced, and the largest mobile lifestyle peripherals provider. We strive to pave the future of the technology revolution era as the pioneers of the industry.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, SeeHot Electronics Co., Ltd., is determined to keep growing and improving to meet the trend of the world. We welcome you to be one of our strategic business partners and to expand together our business to the fullest!We deeply believe that Technology exists for creating a better life. We also think there is still room for adopting technology to push for a better living space. SeeHot is dedicated to making new ideas and creations through all people and partners of our company and providing different products and services to help create your own lifestyle.

  • Grow and effect productive, high performance Sales and Service teams.
  • Provide innovative, cost effective, quality and reliable products.
  • Penetrate new markets.
  • Welcome strong strategic partners.
  • Gain complete customer satisfaction.