The Story About PeriPower

Anything, Mountable!
One day in 1999, the fifth year after Comart set up, afterwe have cultivated in telecom accessory field for a long time, a vivid idea came up to our mind which is to create a powerful peripheral brand. That is where it started.

PeriPower, the compound word from Peripheral + Power, which means we aim at not only being a powerful 3C peripheral supplier and but also a symbolic and iconic brand with spirit and passion around the world, It represents the soul of Comart Corp. thoroughly.

The slogan (Anything, Mountable!) of us declares our ambition to be the leader of mounting solution, offering the best interface between human, device and environment. The new concept of Building Brick makes our mounts unique but various, which surprises the client most. Hope you enjoy it and have great cooperation with us soon.

About Comart Corporation

Comart corporation, is always "Quality first, Clients oriented". Since established in 1994, our highly professional R&D has been persistently innovating and improving unique, distinctive products. Meanwhile we have been keeping superb quality and putting ourselves in clients’ situation providing the most efficient, satisfactory service.

The headquarters is located in Taipei, Taiwan, We offer PeriPower mounts which ideal for portable device. The factory in China provides best support in manufacturing our own product. Self-own brand "PeriPower" registered since 1999, also we offer ODM and OEM service to satisfy costumers’ demand.

To ensure our quality, all the products are "Green Product". We take strict QC tests by Skyray X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer overall to meet RoHS. And we also tested our product by reliable third party laboratory like SGS and CTT for surely qualifying clients’ standard. Besides our product has patent in USA, Europe, China, Japan and Taiwan. Besides, we passed the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004