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Vol.8 / 2016.05.27  

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COMPUTEX Best Choice Award to Showcase 36 Award Winning Products

TCA held the 15th annual Best Choice Award (also known as the BC Award) pre-exhibition press conference and product launch on May 24th to kick-off COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016
. >>>

Join InnoVEX x Audi After Party!

With a busy life, people got used to the daily routines, without noticing that the way they lived has already changed rapidly. Some among them,wanted to make a change. These people gathered to a mysterious place to create wonder. As for now, you and I are about to witness the beginning of a new era, InnoVEX! >>>

Avision will showcase Intelligent Copier and Compact A3/A4 MFPs for Personals, SOHOs, SMBs, Enterprises, Banks and Governments

Avision is the world's leading provider of image processing equipment and digital office solution with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and ISO-13485 certifications. >>>

Welcoming the Millennial Uprising: TCA Chairman T.H. Tung to Speak with 3 Young Under 30 Taiwanese Innovators on Entrepreneur

To learn more about the entrepreneurial experience of the young emerging generation, TCA has invited 3 young Taiwanese entrepreneurs, nominated by Forbes as the 30 Under 30 2016 Asia to speak with TCA Chairman T.H. Tung on May 31st.Join Now! >>>

SIPO demonstrates Smart Home Solutions at SIPO Smart Living EXPO during COMPUTEX

SIPO has started to promote smart home SIG since this year, and invited Taiwan intelligent appliance manufactures, security monitoring systems vendors and semiconductor manufactures to share the progress of smart home technologies.>>>

Results are out! Congratulations to the 26 semifinalists!

The results are out! Congratulations to the 26 teams that have entered the semifinal! The second round will be held on May 31st and June 1st at the Main Stage of TWTC Hall 3! LetíŽs look forward to the pitch battle! >>>

Startup in Formosa to Make a Difference, Welcome 15 international startups to Taiwan

Affordable OhmniLabs home robots could help families virtually accompany and care for their lone elders.

Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President of OEM Division, Microsoft, Unveils the Powerful Ecosystem of Windows at COMPUTEX 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Enabling Modern Windows Devices & Experiences One of the largest global ICT events, COMPUTEX Taipei, will have its grand opening on May 31st. >>>


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