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Vol.4 / 2016.04.29  

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InnoVEX to Highlight Taiwan's Efforts in Linking Startups and the Manufacturing Industry

Taiwan's superior ICT manufacturing capabilities are demonstrated in the fact that some of the world's most sought after innovations such as Fitbit, GoPro and Nest are produced by Taiwanese ICT manufacturers. >>>

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Official Award - Best Choice Award (BC Award)

Entering the 15th year, BC Award 2016 has redefined its image and categories to keep up with the ever-changing industry. New categories such as Smart Retail and Digital Entertainment & AR / VR, were added in response to the rise of digital business and virtual reality. Wondering the best choices this year? Welcome to I0307, Nangang Exhibition Hall! >>>

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Pre-registration for international visitors are now available. This year's show will be featuring new areas such as SmarTEX at TWTC Hall 1, InnoVEX at TWTC Hall 3, and Business Solutions and Smart Manufacturing at Nangang Hall 1. Register now to save valuable time! >>>

Acer Unveils 2016 Back-to-School Product Line and New Business Progress at next@acer Event in New York

Acer unveiled its 2016 back-to-school product line and updated the progress from its new businesses division at the next@acer global press conference in New York on April 21st. >>>

GPU Inventor NVIDIA Paralleled Product Lines with Growing Gaming Demand

NVIDIA's increased focus in the gaming market conforms to COMPUTEX's emphasis on Gaming and E-Sports this year.

MSI Fired Up with Full Gaming Products at COMPUTEX 2016

MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, designs and creates top-tier gaming gears for gamers are ready for COMPUTEX 2016. >>>



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