Netronix, INC, is the designer and manufacturer of network system total solution company. Founded by a group of well-experienced networking experts in Jun. 1997. The capital is 15 Million US dollars and headquartered in Hsinchu/Taiwan. It is ISO9001 certified company, and publicly listed company in Taiwan OTC Securities market. We have very good experience to design and manufacture of network products, all of product is fully compliance with ISO QC process and ROHS green product standard. Netronix provides Ethernet Switch, Wireless 802.11g and 802.11n products,NAS (Network Attached Storage), PVR (Personal Video Recorder), CCTV/IP Camera.with innovation and the latest technologies. The company exploits its resources and support team to create a presence in the IPC market. Jaunty-Fabricator develops its products for the OEM and ODM markets.

The company neither advertises nor exhibits its own name or bran. Instead, the company focuses on assisting its partners to create an extended market and high-quality products. Jaunty-Fabricator believes success is achieved when delivering customers with the solutions to their problems. Quality assured All of the products manufactured by Jaunty-Fabricator undergo a strict quality control process. Only after the products have passed these quality control mechanisms, then can they be sent to Jaunty-Fabricator clients. Employees of the company are available to service clients worldwide to help solve any questions or problems. The Jaunty-Fabricator Research and Development department will adjust designs or create new models based upon different customer needs. Jaunty-Fabricator develops its personnel to create innovative and high-quality products.

The company feels that its employees are the most valuable asset. To this end, Jaunty-Fabricator employs professional and well-experienced staff engineers. The company fosters a comfortable working environment to create and exchange of ideas. This framework helps Jaunty-Fabricator to retain its employees and deliver creative, quality products. Cabinet and enclosures Jaunty-Fabricator supplies customers with both standard and custom-made cabinets and enclosures. To meet overseas needs, the company designs, manufactures, and exports a do-it-yourself package. This is available, no matter if the order is small or if it is to be combined with other products. This compact package can help to control excessive shipping costs, and it also helps to provide flexibility in the sale of the product. Jaunty-Fabricator will incorporate the newest technologies as they develop this year. Combining the technology with market-trend knowledge will position the company to deliver fresh products to its customers.

The company is currently developing rack-mount products to meet the growing demand for these items. In addition, Jaunty-Fabricator will further develop more mission critical and Internet application product lines in the coming year. These products will help meet the needs of the internet and intranet customers.