Pinho Computer Tech Co., Ltd was established in 1994.
Our major is specializing in the “LINUX” systematically platform and Internet
software integration system.  

We research and develop the “Linux” software system over fifteen years.
We had been cumulated many years of experience to create new Internet website
software.  We call the software is “Internet website automatic generator”. You
can auto-created many website in single PC-server.  

This year we create another new product which “Bootable USB Flash drive”
The product major function is you can direct Bootable computer from the USB Flash.
And they contain nearly 50 kinds of commonly used applications, including
software instruments; multimedia software; anti-virus software, etc.
Mean to say you do not need extra money to buy the Windows operating system
and other applications.

Now we has been developed 12 kinds of major national languages, Including
tradition Chinese, Simple Chinese, English, German, French, Russian, Japanese,
Korean, Spanish; Thailand text; Vietnamese; Arabic.

It is very easy to use, as long as the computer's settings to boot from USB,
The future as long as you can carry flash drives around the world engaged in
business travel, the use of the language you are familiar with the
environment, do not have to take a heavy laptop.

We will continue to develop free software based on the business applications,
and also welcomes the development of the relevant commission.