"Best Design" Award for LevelOne WBR-6802
WBR-6802 2012/03/12PC Station Magazine
According to the article, Dale depcits that the LevelOne WBR-6802 is small as its appearacne, but technically all perfectly formed. The LevelOne WBR-6082 is a wireless travel router with 1T1R MIMO technology providing an excellent network solution for home, SOHO, and hotspot users. With its thickness of 1.5cm, it is astonishingly handy to carry and put in pockets. Besides, the USB port is capable to serve power, users can get power charged elsewhere with ease. The router allows multiple users to share one broadband connection, as well as secures user's private network. The built-in 2-port switch and wireless AP, LAN users can share files, printers, or playing online games in high speeds and excellent wireless coverage.

Best Design
WCS-0040 2012/03/12PC Station Magazine
LevelOne WCS-0040 is an easy-to-use network camera specifically designed for home security applications with a compact, stylish design. The fascinating design had also made WCS-0040 gain the Best Design Award in Decmeber issue, PC Station Magazine, Hong Kong. Equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel sensor enabling a resolution up to 1280x960, it provides H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG video compression, bi-directional audio, a web-based user interface with motion detection and alert features.

Editor Choice Award
GNS-1001 2012/03/12PC Station Magazine
LevelOne GNS-1001 Network Attached Storage (NAS) is emerging as a powerful, proven technology for meeting an organization's unquenchable demand for storing data, regardless of its source on the network. it is an easy and cost-effective solution for a greater storage capacity. Easy plug in a compatible Hard Disk Drives into LevelOne GNS-1001 and user will have an optimal storage solution with network-wide data access. The built-in Gigabit Ethernet port enables to share data across multiple computers fast and easy, even larger HD files. GNS-1001 also provides all multimedia features that people expect from a high-performance NAS device: iTunes Server, BT(BitTorrent) Downloads, UPnP Media Server, low power consumption, quiet operation, and much more.

Best Design
FCS-3081 2012/03/12PC Station Magazine
According to the article, editor describes the reason which FCS-3081 Day/Night H.264 2- Megapixel PoE IP Dome Camera has been chosen. Through the high performance 2-Megapixel CMOS sensor, it delivers high quality image at maximum 1920x1080 resolutions. FCS-3081 also features 23 IR illuminators built around the lens and therefore brings the crystal clear vision at night with up to 20 meters of distance. FCS-3081 is a H.264 IR20M IP Dome Camera which is designed with vandal-proof and IP66 weatherproof case. The 3GPP/ISMA RTSP technology is able to transmitted video to a computer or internet browser for mobile streaming, with anywhere user can monitor the status of lens and stayed power connected while network connecting. Beside, the FCS-3081 also supprts 2-Way audio. The administrator can speak to anyone at remote FCS-3081 installed sited with an external speaker (remote) and microphone (local) coneected.