Founded in 2006, Jing Xing is the dream of a group of enthusiastic Taiwanese entrepreneurs and has quickly become one of the leaders in its industry.

Through ensuring impeccable quality and continually innovating its products, Jing Xing has been able to grow to a company that has already been recognized as one which offers products that constantly advance.

Jing Xing puts their clients first taking time to listen to their concerns and needs. They then work closely with each client making sure expectations are exceeded.

Currently Jing Xing exports three main products: The first is screen protectors that are custom designed to fit LCD screens and guarantee protection against scratches and other harm. And the DIY fully body protector . It is the strongest protector film on the market. The second is 3C accessories.The third is light reflection helmet and spoke.

Customer service is Jing Xing's number one priority. Customers are encouraged to give continued feedback about its products so that it can continually move forward. Jing Xing believes in developing close relationships with its clients that are mutually beneficial.