Established in 1987, Jargy has been devoted to the development / manufacture and export of connector(s) & cable and USB Hub / Card Reader / keypad assemblies for PC and Mac use. Excellent quality,compact design, timely delivery,competitive pricing and value-added services are the main factors for our success in the toughest market in the world.

Based on our experiences and know-how accumulated in Japan market during the years we were able to launch USB hubs in 1998 and USB keypad with hub in 2000 ahead of our competitors.

Product Lines

Jargy currently offers a full line of USB devices, including Active Long Distance Extension Cables‧Device Cables‧ Camera cables‧Extender Hubs / Signals Repeating Adapter / Gigabit Ethernet Adapter + 2 Port Hub 2 in 1 Unit / Industtrial Hubs‧Compact Hubs‧Mini Hubs‧ Dome Hubs‧Stand Hubs / File Transfer Cables‧Mouse & Keyboard Sharing Cables‧ODD Sharing Cables.

.Our continuous R&D produces the latest innovations, enabling you to keep up with market trends. Jargy has continued to expand its global OEM/ODM customer base which includes many famous world-class leading companies and over 80% of Jargy`s customers are repeat customers.

Company Purpose

Jargy will always be a company where growth is based on exceeding our customers` expectations. Our commitment to innovation and product enhancement parallels our commitment to our customers. We will continue to strengthen our competitiveness and offer customers the best products and service available everywhere.