J-MEX Inc., (formerly known as IMU Solutions, Inc.) established in January, 2006 and headquartered at Hsinchu
Science-based Industrial Park, Taiwan, is one of the major MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) applications company,
specializing in the inertial measurement module design and service.

With many years of the accelerometer design, manufacturing and testing experiences as core advantages and relying on competitive advantages of IT and EMS market in Taiwan, J-MEX develops the MEMS application products and service toward IT application markets.

J-MEX’s management team has dedicated substantial resources in the research and development of MEMS technology and its related applications for several years. Thus, J-MEX is now a leader on MEMS related applications in Taiwan market.

With advanced MEMS technology, an inertial-based module design and service, J-MEX offers complete solutions to deliver successful results for its customers.

In the short term, J-MEX’s market strategy is to focus on consumer electronic applications market and plans expansion of its application toward automotive and other related markets in the near future.