HABOOK Group, founded in Taiwan in 1999, is a global education technology company specializing smarter education products, solutions, services and on-demand learning resources.

As of 2018, HABOOK has served more than 3,000 smarter schools, trained more than 200,000 teachers, and helped over 2 million students to learn in a technology-embedded environment across the world.

As a leading brand of educational technology, HABOOK- Group owns high number of patents and testing certifications of innovative products that combine quality, effectiveness, and convenience. We leverage our expertise in R&D to better understand and satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers.

With over 20-year experience in software development and system integration, we had developed many award-winning teaching supplementary software and all of which are well-received by the market.

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom is the world’s first interacitve teaching system, linking the four teaching components: e-Teaching, e-assEssing, e-diAgnosing and e-reMediation.

Starting out with the focus on classroom needs, TEAM Model Smarter Classroom systematically integrates comprehensive teaching applications and cloud platform services into one system. The system is built to support educators on practicing their pedagogical models and strategies for teaching and learning quality enhancement.