FirstOne Technology Co., Ltd, a member of USA based group, JP Group. FirstOne Technology was a division of Jianbo International Development Co., Ltd, and has been also devoted in digital image products such as PC cam and DSCs since year 2001. With innovative-driven engineering team, world-class experts skilled in a variety of technologies and, flexible, speed services exceed customers' expectation, FirstOne has successfully established good relationships with global clients and was independent from a business unit to a company.

Firstone consists of OBM & ODM business Units which focused on globally marketing its brand-name products: IP Camera , Digital Camera, Digital Camcorder,…., and makes an effort to research, design the best products:3.5G Android solution, 3.5G Windows Mobil solution… to our OEM/ODM guests.

Both of our Units encompass a broad range of products and each possesses a focus on providing consumer-oriented solutions designed for the digital lifestyle.