2012 Best Innovation Award
eSP868 2013/04/13Hsinchu Science Park Administration
As technology for the human-machine interface (HMI) technology develops rapidly, 3D image capturing and motion recognition is gaining in importance. Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) today announced that its eSP868 3D Webcam Controller has won the “2012 Best Innovation Award” from the Hsinchu Science Park Administration for its product innovation, technology and market development. Many 3D image capture products on the market are expensive and bulky, making it difficult to bring them into general use environments. Etron's eSP868 controllers use Etron’s proprietary single-chip technology, which enables the size to be significantly reduced, as well as delivering a quality product at a reasonable price. Therefore, the eSP868 is ideal to bring competitive integrated system solutions for 3D interactive games, smart TVs, smart phones, ultrabooks, and surveillance systems to end consumers.

2011 IT Month Outstanding IT Applications/Products
eSP868 2011/12/16Taipei Computer Association as part of Information Technology (IT) Month 2011
Etron Technology, Inc. (OTC Code: 5351) eSP868 3D Webcam Controller wins the Outstanding IT Applications/Products Award, presented by Taipei Computer Association as part of Information Technology (IT) Month 2011. "In the experience economy era, heart-touching drives service; service defines products. With a head start in experiencing riding the cloud, it opens up unlimited opportunities for ICs since it is a cornerstone of Heart Touching. The award-winning eSP868 3D Webcam Controller is a cutting edge product that supports dual sensors for 3D motion recognition to enable body/gesture controller interactive games. With Etron's experienced chip design, eSP868 optimizes human-machine interfaces, which will simply convert the visual experience form 2D to 3D." said Dr. Ben Wu, Vice President, Etron Technology, Inc.