Established in 1991, Etron Technology, Inc. (Ticker: 5351) is one of the specialty DRAM leaders in various applications including consumer, communication, computing and car electronics. 

Since 2001, Etron has been the pioneer in commercializing memory known-good-die (KGD) for stacking in system-in-package (SiP) SoCs with the excellent quality for mobile phone, optical disk drive, display panel, etc., to achieve better system cost and lower system power consumption.  With endeavor to better system solutions, Etron has been further advocating the coming era of Heterogeneous Integration (HI) together with the business model of Clustered Virtual Vertical Integration (CVVI).  Etron product portfolio has covered broad density range for both KGD SiP and packaged devices such as synchronous DRAMs, Pseudo SRAMs, and Low Power DRAMs.