ELAN Microelectronics Corp., founded in May of 1994 is an IC design house and touchpad module provider specializing in Smart Human Interface applications. ELAN's headquarters is located at Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. ELAN's product lines include Microcontroller, PC Peripheral IC, Smart Human Interface/NB Input Device ICs & modules, etc. ELAN's Smart Human Interface application solutions include (1) Smart-Touchscreen™ that systematically combines optic & electronic devices to achieve a hi-transparency capacitive touchsreen. It is mainly applicable to smart phone, Tablet PC, GPS, DSC, PMP, etc. (2) Smart-Pad™ for notebook PC. It is developed from ELAN's own capacitive touchpad multi-finger technology, eFinger. It is primarily used with notebook PCs. (3) Smart-Remote™ that integrates six functions (i.e., mouse, keyboard, joystick, presenter, handwriting recognition, and remote control) into a single device.  It is principally applicable to IP TV and All-in-one PC, (4) Smart-Keyboard™ for PC. This solution boosts traditional keyboard function to incorporate Multi-Finger gesture input, mouse, handwriting recognition input with eStylus™, and extra function keys.


Smart Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology is derived from ELAN's core technologies in Capacitive Touchpad, CMOS Sensor with Pattern Recognition, and the integrated DSP technology that processes them. For quite some time now, ELAN, with her innovative intuition, had been expanding the practical applications of its patented Multi-Finger eFinger technology. With backing from the three core technologies mentioned above, ELAN was able to extend the applications into a wide range of consumer electronics, information, and communication products. At the same time, by following the market trend, the HMI applications have been extended to include home appliances and various household goods. This has further allowed finger-touch applications to further penetrate deep into consumer domain, making digital home concept a dream come true.


ELAN has twice been listed as one of "The Best Small Companies in Asia-Pacific Area" by Forbes Magazine and four-time winner of the "Science Park R&D Accomplishment Awards" and "Innovative Product Awards" sponsored by the Hsinchu Science Park Administration. It was conferred with the lone "Best Choice of the Year" award in the 2009 COMPUTEX TAIPEI, and honored with the "Innovations Design and Engineering Awards" by International CES 2010. Furthermore, ELAN have received several awards from the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), i.e.; twice awarded with the "Industrial Technology Advancement Awards (ITA Award) - Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award"; several gold and silver medals in the annual "Taiwan National Best Invention Award"; "Excellence and Contribution in Invention and Creation Award"; and "Industrial Excellence Award."