DES International is a leading manufacturer and supplier, operating in the information technology field. With vertically integrated capabilities and extensive experience in product development we are able to keep up with emerging technological trends and offer products that meet contemporary demands – combining both style and energy efficiency into a range of innovative products.

We pride ourselves in offering a well-diversified product portfolio, design experience and developing lasting relationships with clients. Our two decades of industry experience has enabled us to offer our customers a range of tailored solutions (CKD/SKD) – from barebones and components appropriate for assembly and distribution, to ready-for-consumer off the shelf products.

Our product line includes:

  • Nettop PC’s

  • All-in-One PC’s

  • Media storage device

  • Media Players

  • Mini Handheld Keyboards

  • Mouse, keyboards, speakers, headphones

  • Wi-Fi Dongles

  • PC Casings – ATX, Mini ATX, Mini Micro ATX, Server Casings

  • Power Supplies

  • Power Converters

  • Indoor, Outdoor and Wireless WIMAX CPE and many other, customizable products