OVERVIEW : Headquartered in heart of Irvine Spectrum, Calif., Cybernet is a leading global provider of Space Saving, power saving, PC products, known as "all in one pc" called lcd pc i-one series and the keyboard pc.

Since its inception in 1996, Cybernet® has enjoyed exceptional growth in the space saving PC market by offering innovative PC products that solve the space constraint problems in today's offices. The company product line has expanded over the years to include the introduction of our new Zero-Footprint-PC models ZPC-9100, ZPC-Gx31 support core 2 duo, and new i-One All-in-One LCD PC in both 17" & 19"& 20 inch wide screen configurations. Today the company offers comprehensive and total solution to Financial institutions, Healthcare Facilities, Educational institutions, consumer and professional markets as well as OEM and customer made products for customers.

MARKET PHILOSOPHY : Cybernet is committed to meeting and exceeding its customers' expectations in quality, value and innovation. Its ability and dedication to deliver products to the market ahead of its competition remains a primary focus of the company. Unlike some of its primary competitors, Cybernet is exclusively devoted to the Space Saving PC and related products, which enables the company to better focus its resources.

CYBERNET AS TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER : A large part of Cybernet's success stems from an innovative production approach that enables the company to design, produce and distribute its products faster and more cost effectively than competitors. Rather than adopting traditional, slower processes, Cybernet has developed a business model that allows the company to quickly match advanced technologies from its research & development laboratories around the world to market demands.This model has resulted in a series of Cybernet technology innovations from Zero-Footprint-PC to Notebook computers utilizing Desktop CPUs, LCD Monitors and Wireless Networking products.

SERVICE & SUPPORT : Cybernet is devoted to customer satisfaction and committed to positive relationships with every company and individual with whom we do business by striving to understand their interests and concerns, and treating them with respect, courtesy and consideration. Cybernet's customer and technical support are available 8-hours a day, five days a week, excluding major holidays. By calling, 8862-2790-4776, customers are greeted by a trained Cybernet support expert, who can assist in solving questions on warranties, troubleshooting, etc. Cybernet has also made frequently asked questions and product information available on this web site to support the efforts of its customer service hotline.