ChoiceOnly International Ent. Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2000, ChoiceOnly International Ent. Co., Ltd. has been playing an irreplaceable role in the industry of storage device and more in the past decade. With the Four Core Strengths,

    Flexibility and Customization : Flexibility on prompt responses to our global customers, and furthermore, we’ve well-known of customerized products to fit into specific needs from customers.

    Reliable Supply: The successful vertical Integration from R & D design, procurement, quality control to mass production is the key of ChoiceOnly reliable supplies to customers as where we have our stands at.

    Price Advantages: ChoiceOnly is confident on our personal service, professional expertise and technological efficiencies which produce a rewarding experience to clients. And the most important to offer at the best price where we stands under the ability to cost down.

    Service Oriented : ChoiceOnly identifies and focuses on our customers and customer products first. Each in the organization is composed of the best suited team members across the line management organization to serve what our client wants.

    Storage has come of age, and Choice Only used to give people the freedom to truly experience the power and potential of their digital content and information. As Choice Only transforms its business, we take this opportunity to rename our brand and redesign our identity as - Choicee.

Choicee Story

Choicee was established in 2010. The brand concept is inspired by the spirit of freedom, peace and individualism of the 1960s. We encourage everyone to develop their creativities and dare to show themselves.

The double “e” creates a fun reading and visual experience, and reveals that we are a digital-focused company. The logo demonstrates what our products and services will be and how we interact with our customers.

Choicee Belief

We believe that everyone is a brand. No matter who or where you are, You have the right to choose and show your style and creativity.

Thus, Choicee lives for creating uniqueness for everyone who seeks to represent their personal identity in style.

Choicee Personality

  • Dynamic: We never stop discovering what's next. Our youth and passion are refreshing improvements for the digital world.
  • Pleasant: There is nothing more important than creating laughter and happiness in the world. We love to make people feel great.
  • Sharing: When we have new and exciting ideas, we love to invite people to share with one other via our creative platform.
  • Creative: We hate to be bored and stay “normal.” We welcome any new ideas.

Choicee Commitments

Choicee have made a commitment to deliver innovative, creative and stylish designed products to all trend setters. Choicee provide the products that will make digital world more personal, stylish, and captivating than ever before. The total integration of our identity, behavior, and core values will allow us to uphold the essential promise of our brand to fully express one’s personality by choosing their own design. In one sentence, “make your choice”, this is what we and our brand are all about.

The Milestones

  • 2000 Choice Only International Ent. Co., Ltd. established.
  • 2007 Baby King 8GB flash drive released.
  • 2009 Choice Only USA Inc. established.
  • 2010 Our own brand – Choicee established.
  • 2011 Choicee Clip flash drive won Computex Taipei Design & Innovation Awards
  • 2011.06 Choicee Singed up with exclusive agent in Japan
  • 2011.09 Choicee Boutique in Att 4 Fun opendc
  • 2011.10 Choicee signed with exclusive agent in Hong Kong
  • 2011.10 Choicee Boutique in W Spot Mall opened
  • 2011.12 Choicee Boutique in Top City (Taichung) opened
  • 2012.01 Choicee Boutique in The Splendor Hotel—Taichung opened
  • 2012.04 Choicee X Qee 8GB USB released in 2012 Taipei Electronics Fair, Spring Edition
  • 2012.04 Choicee signed with exclusive agent in China
  • 2012.05 Qee X Choicee Ary Shop opened