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Smart Wireless Peephole Network Camera

  • Ingenious designs linking a peephole and wireless camera for easy installation on most of doors without any wire to provide remote video monitoring on smart phones.
  • Various flexible data storage on micro SD, NAS, and cloud storage service.
  • Professional secure monitoring technology, WDR, supports high-quality imaging in peephole usage.
  • Able to establish a personal safety guarding and care channel to support home safety and remote care.

  • Multiple simultaneous lens function to keep traditional user behavior.
  • Unique design to fit any door thickness for 90%+ of doors.
  • Wide Dynamic Range feature for real door monitoring application.
  • 100% wireless peephole IP camera.
  • Intelligent solution support via EdiLife, implements Smart Rule functions according to “IFTTT” concept.
  • Multiple optimal storage solutions and cloud connection for better reliability.

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