The Winners Jury's Special

Embux NXP compact computer

  • Embux NXP compact computer is a quad-core industrial computer with self-developed operation system and small-size, low-power-consumption, high-efficiency and other advantages.
  • Dual operation systems, dual CPUs, -40~85°C working temperature range, surge protection, and other advantages supports the application in severe operating environment.

  • Tiny but powerful embedded system (1GHz, <5 Walt)
  • 2nd OLED display & 2nd Real-Time OS(Intelligent alert, warning & Restart)
  • Dual CPU with independent OS  crashless
  • All in one industrial fanless design, jumperless(- 40 ~ 85 °C , over voltage current protect)
  • In-house new version OS develop WEC7, Android, Linux, yocto …
  • In-house peripheral drivers support
  • 10 years longevity support
  • 100% Taiwan in-house design
  • Free enhanced OS and EiS platform
    (Embedded intelligent System)

EMBUX Technology Co., Ltd