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Fiber Installation Tools

  • Fiber Installation Tools (FiTs) aims to downsize hand held fiber detectors to palmtop. As 2.5-inch external hard drive, the product is light-weight and portable for fiber installation operators.
  • The tool integrates VFL, light source, and light source power, and is equipped 2 replaceable light source port which can change various wavelengths to provide stable output light power.
  • The high-integration and small-volume palmtop fiber detector supports cost reduction to create higher competitive price than traditional products.

  • Pocket-size & rugged, handy stand alone design.
  • With 2 light source ports and 1 power meter ports.
  • Optical Visible light 650 nm module.
  • Power Meter Wavelengths 850 nm / 1310 nm / 1490 nm / 1550 nm.
  • SFP-sized module design with SC / LC connector.

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