Best Choice 2013
ASP-689 2013/06/03TCA and TAITRA
The faddish exterior design and the applicability for water sport present the innovativeness and practicability of this product. The patented double shell design for avoiding leaking and capsizing highlights the technical advantage of this product. The standards-compliant of IPX7 and the compatibility with most Bluetooth products magnify this product’s market potentiality and cost competitiveness.

COMPUTEX D&I Awards 2013
AWD-10 2013/06/03TAITRA and iF
Diamond Fountain Speaker is the inspirational speaker system with unique visual and audio experience. The water dancing with the beats of sound with visual display of colors. Compatible with all USB-friendly devices, this particular lights & water show has been specially timed to your tunes, ensuring that it will not miss a beat or put a foot wrongly. Plug it into your iPod, a MP3 player, or a computer/notebook using the included USB cable and you are good to go.The quartet of multi-colored LEDs come in handy, bringing your tunes to a literally new level.