Established in July 2001, ATake has dedicated on designing and manufacturing innovative high-tech products of computer peripherals, accessories, and various consumer electronics products to the market. 

ATake built its Product Development Center in China to maintain a leading edge in today's competition on the strength of the highly centralized electronics environment, and the fast-changing integrated circuit's industry. As a result, ATake has the most updated information and resource to design and manufacture high quality products to support what our customers' need. 

Our factory in China has passed the audit in quality and social compliance like ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2008, GSV, and BSCI. We are also the members of Sedex. We maintain excellent, long-term relationship with our customers by fulfilling their specific needs and requirements at all times. As we are able to manufacture high quality goods in the most effective way, we always pass on our production efficiency to our customers by giving competitive prices. 

The slogan of "Take your Mind" is an oath of ATake to show the spirit and effort to our customers, which means "to take your eyes and dig down into your mind." We targeted our success through a program of non-stop researching, developing and improving in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction in every aspect. ATake will keep sticking to our faith to "Take your Mind" by encouraging each employee to assure the responsibility for improving the quality of his or her works and guarantee you '"the best quality always comes from ATake!"