Amass Technology Co., Ltd is established in Taipei, Taiwan 2004 who focuses on integrating R&D, manufacturing and sakes of electronic products. We supply electronic products such as Flash Memory cards, Flash Disk, External Enclosure and other electronic products.

We have promoted and sold our productions to worldwide buyers, including USA, South America, Australia, Europe, Middle Eastetc. All of our products are produced under very strictly quality control and have passed EMI test such as CE, FCC and ROHS before ship out. Our competitive price, excellent quality, prompt deliver and excellent after sales services are enable to help your esteemed company to get business easily in local sales channel and market.

Amass is also welcome for OEM/ODM projects, We can provide from Mechanical Design, Electronic Function Design EMI/EMS testing services to meet customer's needs.

Furthermore, Amass constantly investigate the best products solutions to keep up with fast-change of IT market,we provide on time to our customers to gain the win-win business mode between Amass and its faithful partners.