AIPTEK International Inc., founded in 1997, has been focused on developing the brand of AIPTEK. In 2000, while AIPTEK launches the world’s first ever pen-type digital camera, it has been gained good sales feedback and the worldwide reputation of innovation. AIPTEK has kept enhancing the technology, building up the brand image and establishing the distribution channels globally. Till now, AIPTEK has added the new product line- pocket-size camcorder, 3D products and pocket size multi-media projector. The core competence is focusing in image capture and image display technology.


Believing that life quality will be advanced if people write, see, and talk on Internet platforms as freely as they enjoy in the real world, AIPTEK International Inc. devotes its efforts to strengthening core competence, integrating and simplifying Hand Writing, Digital Video/Audio, Wireless Communication, and Opto-electronic technologies. Besides, while marketing AIPTEK brand globally more than a decade, AIPTEK has chances to work closely with many world top retail channels and get to know the real demand of the users for product development. With over 150 international patents granted, AIPTEK International Inc. is moving towards a leading position in the corporate chosen sphere of business.