GT-102, GNSS 4G Vehicle Tracker

GT-102GNSS 4G Vehicle Tracker - With Digital/Analog Input/Output

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Negotiable
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English
Built-in GPS+GLONASS with AGPS support and 4G LTE modules, GT-102 is a very sensitive, live car GPS tracker. The sensitive GPS always fixes position even in GPS difficult environment (weak GPS signal). Both GPS+GLONASS and 4G antennas are built-in, no antenna wiring demand. It’s compact and very easy to
hide it from driver’s sight.
With built-in Li-ion battery and charging circuit, GT-102 continues working, alerts its guardian/manager if the external power is tampered (removed) by accidental or
malicious users.
From the body, the waterproof S/R cable with 8-pin Microfit connector brings out tracker interfaces for additional functions. All these features make GT-102 a
robust and strong vehicle tracker.
The 8-pin connector supports up to two RS-232 ports. It could be used for RFID reader, magnetic stripe card reader, bar code reader, taxi printer or any other similar
communication demand. Shared with RS-232 ports, maximum 4 I/O interfaces could be provided – including digital input/output, and analog input. Functions could be immobilization, lock/unlock, engine ON/OFF status, temperature, or fuel sensors etc.
In addition to the tracker hardware, APP or WEB portal could be customized to meet your special demand on functions/reports based on MOQ.
  •  Sensitive GNSS (GPS+GLONASS) w/ AGPS works pretty well even in GNSS difficult environment.
  •  In addition to high communication performance, the well-certificated Gemalto module works smoothly with MNOs (Mobile Network Operators).
  •  Compact design, no antenna wiring demand, easy to install and hide it from driver’s sight.
  •  Flexible functions like RFID reader, magnetic stripe card reader, immobilization, engine on/off status, lock/unlock, and others supported by digital input / output and analog input.
  •  Smart power saving – draw only fractions of mA power while sleep, no impact to the vehicle battery.
  •  Built-in battery and charging circuit
    •  Alert guardian as external power is removed.
    •  Automatic charging based on power level
  •  The popular nano-SIM and eSIM support, eject with a SIM pin or any other thin pin.
  •  Report/alerts buffering as there is no cell coverage
    •  Resume reports automatically as cellular signal (cell coverage) recovers.
  •  Geo-fence support
    •  Circular x 32, polygonal x 10
    •  Alerts: IN and/or OUT, late
  •  Pre-stored multiple APNs
  •  SMS command setting

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