KEYDEX NFC B2B Door Access Ring

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

KDR03 Description
NFC B2B Door Access Ring contains 2 functions: Customized Door Access and Screen Unlock. The pattern can be customized and rings are provided in six sizes.
KDR03 Function
Screen UnlockWith downloading screen unlock APP, use the NFC scanner of your Android phone to touch NFC ring,then the function "Screen Unlock" will be accomplished.
Customized Door AccessWith matching the customized door lock system, Let the NFC scanner of door lock system receive the ID of your NFC keychain tag by a touch, then the function "Customized Door Access" will be accomplished.
  • Made by fine ceramics, the hardness and resistance to scratch is slight less than diamond. This material is usually used in fine jewelries and watches.
  • KEYDEX NFC Ring is ergonomic in design, where top is wider, bottom is narrower, and the glossy finishing and bevel design allows users to wear the ring comfortably.
  • Made by fine ceramics, the material minimizes signal and antenna interference from metallic material
  • Users won't show allergic reactions comparing to rings made by metallic materials
  • Certified to be the best IP68 grade, allows the ring to be submerged in water at 30 meters for up to one hour and continue to function properly.

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