150Mbps Wireless Outdoor Passive PoE Access Point

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Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


The LevelOne 150Mbps Outdoor Wireless Access Point WAB-6121 is dedicated to long distance outdoor wireless networks. The device combines the functions of a Wireless Access Point, WISP Client, Firewall and NAT-Router, resulting in a highly versatile, integrated and low-maintenance WiFi connection. As the WAB-6121 features high output power and receiving sensitivity, it allows users to significantly extend the transmission range of an outdoor signal, as well as reducing dead spots to deliver a more stable wireless connection.
The WAB-6121 provides four operational modes to accommodate a variety of user environments: AP, Bridge, Client and Repeater. In AP mode, it can access the Internet via an ADSL/Cable Modem and act as an access point. In Bridge mode, it joins in a WLAN by bridging with other WDS devices. In Client mode, it works as a WISP CPE. In Repeater mode it expands the existing WLAN. 
The LAN interface supports Passive PoE, which can supply data and power with a single cable. Antenna Alignment, throughput monitor, Ping Watch Dog and Link Speed Test give you more flexibility to manage the network.
The versatile outdoor AP also supports switching antenna mode in Horizontal-Polarized, Vertical-Polarized, adaptive and external detachable antenna.

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