gCare-800 Smart watch

AngelCare is a GSM & WCDMA-based smart watch with an integrated GPS and Bluetooth technology system

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : Negotiable
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


AngelCare is a 3G-based smart watch with an integrated GPS and Bluetooth technology system. As to experience the greatest application for the wearable computing, AngelCare provides the access of two-way interoperability by cloud computing platform with wearable watch on App and services. AngelCare features an emergency push call button for 24/7 care center, built-in GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/WCDMA solution for user location tracking, biometric measurements via Bluetooth technology to monitor their health in real-time, advanced fall detection notice and extends its program to emergency call system , speed dial button for family communication, medication and clinical appointment alert for reminder. Moreover, Angelcare provides the bridge between two-end terminals for service providers and customers. The device also provides the instant health information data base for medical center to track their patients’ current health status. It is a simple and convenient way for both families and patients. The family and nurse can provide the immediate assistance to the wearer upon the real-time push notification technology. AngelCare provides the quality of service and reduces communication barrier between wearer, family and doctors.
We want our users to achieve the utmost peace of mind and to feel secure like they are always being watched over by an ever-present health caring angel. AngelCare is not only a smart device but also help elder people and their family to look after themselves.

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