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  • Dedicated Lobby Digital Signage System

lobbyPost is application software especially designed for lobby digital signage, such as for administrations of hotel and convention center to communicate with guests in lobbies. Powered by lobbyPost’s content and managerial tools, the software, incorporating with CAYIN SMP-WEB series players, can be used to easily display advertisements, room types and tariff, currency exchange rate, weather and more information.


  • Four Easy Steps To Create A Signage

lobbyPost provides the content editing platform with easy operational workflow, which comprises the following four steps:

STEP 1: add a new lobby display
STEP 2: select a template
STEP 3: modify template settings
STEP 4: enter data

The first three steps only have to be configured at the first-time use. For daily maintenance, users only need to do the 4th step, enter data


  • Pre-designed Templates for Instant Adoption

lobbyPost provides various pre-designed templates both in portrait and landscape displays that allow users to adopt easily and quickly. Each template contains at most six areas with pre-configured data types respectively. After selecting a template, you can input data in each area one by one according to the pre-configured usages. Within an instant, you can have a professional public display in lobbies when you complete data entry.


  • Changing Data Type in Each Area with Great Flexibility

Each template contains multiple areas for a variety of combinations of room type and tariff, currency exchange, weather information, images, Flash, video, and ticker. You can follow the pre-configured usages or modify the data type of each area at your disposal to create your own ideal lobby display.


  • Informative Room Type and Tariff

lobbyPost provides an easy content-editing platform for users to display information about guest rooms. In this area, users can input information in maximum five columns: room type, quantity, tariff, availability, and picture. You can decide which columns to be shown and also name each column by yourself.


  • Changing Exchange Rate Instantly

Exchanging currencies is an important service for international hotels or convention centers. To cope with the fact that exchange rates fluctuate according to the international situation and each hotel applies its own exchange rate, lobbyPost especially designs for easily updating exchange rates. Users can input information at maximum three columns: country, and sell and buy rates. With built-in 237 national flags, if you wish, lobbyPost can automatically display the correspondent flag when you choose a country or region. For sell and buy exchange rates, you only need to input the most recent figures with simple typing skills.


  • Showing Updated Weather Information Automatically

Weather is one of the most useful information influencing our daily life. In the weather area of lobbyPost, users can display information in maximum four columns: city, weather icon, temperature, and notes. Besides manual data entry, lobbyPost furthermore allows users to retrieve weather information automatically from the Internet. Selecting a city is the only thing you need to do; then, you can display correct weather information on the lobby screen. lobbyPost also provides 48 useful weather icons for you. Only when you choose to enter weather information manually, do you need to select the weather icon by yourself, or the system will show the correct icon automatically.


  • Easy Remote Management and Control

lobbyPost provides web-based user interface, and requires only simple and intuitive operation skills. Administrators can sit in the office and remotely change the information displayed in the lobby by typing and effortless operation.


  • Complimentary Basic System Module

System module provides administrators with system information, equipped with managerial functions on user accounts and software license.


Supported Players



  • Hotel Lobby
  • Convention center lobby
  • Information counter in shopping mall

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