Noise canceling handsfree for mobile phones (talking through EAR).

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes

Language : English
Using SAC9919 Noise Canceling Hands free and feel safe talking everywhere and anytime. Do people still worry about the environment too noise and cannot talk on phone ? We make you easy and feel safe to talk. Using our Noise Canceling Hands free and you can talk everywhere such as Disco, Amusement Park, KTV, Amusement Arcade, Security, and War Field etc. The receiver only hear your voice without other noise around you. The SAC9919 realizes voice communication by using Earphone / Microphone ( Earmic ) integrated technology which provides Noise Canceling Hands free without using external microphone which provides realizes full-duplex communication. By amplifying the imperceptible signal from the Ear Channel to the Earmic, the SAC9919 provides as functional of the Earphone and simultaneously canceling environment’s noise or audio sound. The Earmic can also output the voice as an headphone as an hands free function.

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