New TV Screen

New TV Screen

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : No

Language : English


New TV Screen:

  • is exclusive glass projection display. Designed and manufactured with advanced technology from Maxtek. .
  • It provided with advantages of both plasma and LCD TV. It is capable presenting the viewer s fine and sharp images with saturated color.
  • Watching it is like being in a real-life situation at the movie theater. Not only can you truly enjoy the comfort of watching a large screen, you can also turn on the lights while watching without affecting the picture quality.
  • The price is very cheap, only one tenth the price of a same size TV set.
  • It is not only a TV screen, but can also be used as a partition. It can be applied on the partition walls of homes/offices and commercial spaces. It easily blends in with the interior decorating. In the house, it can become a soundproof wall between the dining room and living room, the study and living room, the bedroom and living room. This is a good way to utilize it regardless if it is front or rear projection.


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