WiMAX equipment

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Best Indoor penetration WiMAX Standalone Wave 1 CPE. The ASUS WiMAX WMV25E1+ is Integrated Access Device: WiMAX Plus VoIP CPE.

Key Features:

The ASUS WiMAX 802.16e WAVE1 Modem series has the High Speed Wireless Connection up to 10Mbps downlink and 2Mbps uplink. Based on WiMAX 802.16e WAVE1 Solution, this device aims at operating at any where, any time, with any data transmission, for portable use. This device supports the different frequency including of 3.4~3.6GHz, 2.5~2.7GHz in different SKU, which cover over 80% area of the WiMAX deployment in the world. The ASUS WiMAX Modem would be easily configured using a web interface that is accessed from a local client PC. The unit integrates WiMAX and network processor, wireless WAN connection and wired LAN connection to play a gateway function. Additional gateway function and VoIP function such as NAT, SNMPv2, TFTP, Caller ID FSK, DTMF tone generation and detection, and Double talk detection is available using embedded software applications.

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