DataTale AIR 2-HDD RAID System

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes

Language : English
In the market today, it is rare to come across 2-Bay enclosures for 2.5-inch HDDs, especially one with RAID management! The DataTale RS-S2TJ is customized with an intelligible GUI (RAID MASTER) for personalized RAID settings, colorful LED indicates for immediate system status, and triple interfaces for instant connection. The DataTale AIR is light for travel, perfect for mobile users who also crave for heavy RAID supervision!

With the user-friendly RAID MASTER application, anyone can arrange permitted RAID tasks or be alerted with potential system problems for the DataTale AIR! In addition, it allows straightforward RAID mode setting including: JBOD (None RAID), RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), and Span (Large).

Based on preference, any two 2.5" 9.5 mm or 12.5 mm SATA HDDs can be combined as a single HDD Enclosure using SPAN mode, or remain separated as a 2-Bay RAID System using Striping or Mirroring to perform the RAID storage desired. This way, storage capacities won't be wasted just because the HDDs are separated; the data can be backup even outside the home or office! Furthermore, since the DataTale AIR supports more than 2TB of storage load, one can utilize up to 4TB* without any trouble!
*This only applies if the host supports more than 2TB.

The DataTale RS-S2TJ facilitates a 2-HDD storage device ready for usage anywhere via FireWire bus power! With FireWire 800 connection, the HDDs can be powered, and DataTale RS-S2TJ won't need an A/C adapter anymore, lightening the load even more!

As a slim yet sturdy housing, the DataTale AIR can safely seal away any two 2.5-inch HDDs, sheltering them from random accidents! Add the bundled black "Slip Bag", anyone can just slide the AIR in and be on the way!

Besides being a desktop-capable RAID System, the thin and light DataTale AIR unit is just perfect for any carrying bags while traveling! RS-S2TJ's small book-like body along with RAID MASTER can give users the chance to operate RAID applications even on a train!

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