Ultrastor ES3160 P4

Ultrastor ES3160 P4 Enterprise ISCSI Storage

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
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Product Overview

The Intelligent Enterprise Failover Redundant RAID Storage The UltraStor ES3160 P4 comes with Active-Active Dual Redundant iSCSI RAID controller for maximum data protection and it delivers industry's leading GbE iSCSI performance designed for mission critical and data intensive applications to meet the data storage requirements across the most demanding environments.
The ES3160 P4, the first Dual Active-Active intelligent iSCSI RAID System introduced to the award-winning UltraStor Enterprise RAID Series are designed for the cost-effective 3Gbps SATA or the high-performance SAS disks. The UltraStor™ ES3160 P4 delivers unparalleled performance, protection, flexibility, scalability,expandability, and return on investment in a shared storage environment taking advantage of the standard ethernet network infrastructure.

Key Features lnclude

  • 3U 16 Drives Rackmount Form Factor
  • Active-Active Dual RAID controller
  • Individual HDD Status on the Tray
  • Maximum Expansion of 3 JBODs via Mini-SAS Ports
  • One model supports both Serial ATA (SATA) & Serial Attach SCSI (SAS)
  • Modularized Fault-tolerant Enclosure Design
  • Equipped with Mini-SAS Expansion Port
  • Storage Bridge Bay 2.0 (SBB 2.0) Standard
  • LCD Keypad Control Panel in the Rear
  • Hardware RAID 0,1,0-1,3,5,6,10,30,50,60 and JBOD
  • Multiple RAID Level Enable
  • On-line Volume Expansion / Migration Enable
  • Smart Fan
  • Redundant 80Plus 500W/600W power supply unit
  • Battery Backup Module (BBM) Supported (optional)
  • Management UI via serial console, SSH telnet, HTTP, HTTPS Web UI


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