DataTale Portale 3.5-inch HDD Enclosure

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes

Language : English

The DataTale TD-M11H USB 2.0/eSATA Combo features the next generation SmartGuider* design to simplify HDD installation, enable trayless HDD positioning, and allow effortless HDD replacement when necessary. The patented SmartGuider* integrates a sleek handle design and auto-limiting segmented screws (prevents HDD damages from over-tightening) to enable easy HDD swap and replacement. Popular interfaces allow the TD-M11H to provide easy access and convenience for travel!

Taiwan New Design Patent M354309

Like all O'TOSTORE products, the portable 3.5-inch TD-M11H features an outstanding mechanical design and a rugged elegance of aluminum. Its open-back design along with aluminum casing creates excellent heat dissipation! Its Twist Locks secures HDD's position when the unit is moved around.

The excess noise and case dimension are significantly reduced with its fanless design! The lasso foot helps prevent sliding and stabilizes the Enclosure’s positioning. The LED-Integrated Power Button indicates current power and access status! TD-M11H supports HDD spin down features; when the host computer is powers off or enters into sleep mode, the HDD will automatically spin down to minimize power consumption and spin up when the host wakes up!

The TD-M11H is great partner to have for any DataTale 2 & 4-bay RAID Systems users who’re already using them! When performing the DataTale RAID Systems under JBOD or Mirror modes, it's a good idea to use the TD-M11H to access data from individual drives while on travel or from storage.

Optional Accessories

The HDD Soft Sleeve is the perfect optional accessory for the DataTale Portable 3.5-inch HDD Enclosure! With its stylish yet durable design, the HDD Soft Sleeve allows users to carry HDDs while ''on-the-go'' without needing to worry and provides protection from dust! The Velcro opening assist in convenient removal and insertion, while prevents the HDD from falling out!

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