SATAPro 2.5" USB/eSATA/1394a HDD Enclosure

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes

Language : English

Custom tailored to give 2.5” SATA HDD users blazing SATA transfer speed and multiple interface connectivity options, the combo TA-S12T offers a full spectrum of connectivity options with one eSATA, one USB 2.0, and two FireWire 400 ports with firewire repeater functionality.  The groundbreaking DuoLink eSATA/USB 2-in-1 IO port combines an eSATA and a USB 2.0 linkage into a single connector, which increases flexibility with dual interface while saving space.  The discreet, "error-proof" DuoLink connector also eliminates potential damage to the enclosure by limiting the direction in which the eSATA or USB cable can be inserted.

The TA-S12T enhances portability and reduces device footprint via 1394a cable power.  The optional DC Jack to USB (Y-) cable supplies host provided bus power to the TA-S12T, eliminating the need for a AC adapter during traveling.  The compact, easy carry TA-S12T enclosure offers guarantees you'll have access to all your valuable data whenever you need it.  Simple hard drive installation and plug-n-play connection makes getting up and running a snap.

The rugged TA-S12T ensures efficient heat dissipation and impact protection, keeping your high RPM SATA hard drive running cool and safe.  The patented secure fixing mechanism and anti-shock damper strips maintain HDD stability and help prevent potential damage due to impact, drops and excessive movement.  The HDD spin down function ensures efficient operation by automatically reducing power consumption.  When the notebook or desktop system enter sleep mode, the TA-S12T hard disk spins down to minimize power consumption.  The hard disk spins up automatically when the host system wakes up.

  • Supports current SATA II compliant HDDs, fully backward compatible with SATA 1.0 and SATA 1.0a compliant HDDs
  • Supports eSATA data transfer speed of up to 300MBps
  • Supports Hi-Speed USB data transfer speed of up to 480Mbps
  • Supports IEEE 1394a data transfer speed of up to 400Mbps
  • Reduces power consumption with HDD spin down support
  • Combines enclosure and FireWire repeater functionality
  • Enables 1394a bus power with build-in DC-DC converter.
  • Supports Hot-plug and Hot-Swap
  • Connects to host by plug-n-play
  • Supports the hard drive with full-length bridgeboard
  • Protects housing with copper pillar reinforced screw guides
  • Prevents HDD damage due to over-tightening with auto-limiting segmented screws
  • Resists impact damage with anti-shock damper strips
  • Maximizes thermal protection with Aluminum construction.

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