PC savior The safest personal terminal operating system

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

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PCsavior  The safest personal terminal operating system

If you are worried

  • Infectedwith computer virus
  • employeesto install pirated software
  • Computerreplacement workflow too long
  • Workstationmaintenance is too expensive


  • OSnever infected by virus
  • Customizeduser computer operating environment
  • Replacethe computer workflow fast
  • Low-costworkstation can work
  • recognizableproprietary hardware
  • Morethan 50 language versions of Service


Multi os
One Storage device has Multi OS

Two-distinct safety designs
Flash cutting for the start-up system and data storage,data area can read and write MS windows environment,the system capaccity of 1.5G of the area can only be read only to ensure safty.

Stable and reliable system
For Linux with the characterristics of stability the Linux completely customixed with a tune that the entire system of the magnetic zone is read only ,the system is not difficult to damage than the original Linux more secure.

Operating System Restore
May choose to boot into safe mode,choose to revert to the initial state.

Start-up fast
Only 30 to 75 seconds to complete,sepending on computer performance decision.

The system will not let in the computer virus
As Linux operating system permission to manage own good,small proability of a computer virus,read-only system will be dealt with,so can be said to a drug-free environment.

Can fully customize the company will put the issue of the logo and computer paper
Unique style of production so companies highlight their images,their logo and publicity on the system,this can be completely against the boot to sign in the course of the entire into the company's logo,can get in the system,all on the tips Symbols,all of company to the desired word.

Reasonable price
Compared to windows system,the price is a lot cheaper,and includes all kinds of commonly used software applications,is a satisfied customer needs.

Built-in more than 50 kindsof legitimate software applications
A word-processing office;clipart images produced;Internet;telecommunications;letters such as football,meet the genreal use of non-professionals.

Taiwan's production of flash drive
Taiwan's manufacturing and relible,the warranty period of at least 2 years.

Multi-language option
Thai,Vietnamese,Chinese,,English,German,French,Russian,Janpanese,Korean,Spanish,Arabic,Indonesian,Simple Chinese

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