Translates software

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No

Language : English


  • Chinese/English
    • Click this button, all English text on the screen will be translated into Chinese, as long as the fonts of those words belong to System Fonts.
  • Mark Translation
    • Open a document, mark some text, then click Mark Translation button, the marked text will be translated.
    • Input/Mark/Speeh Translation
      The Input/Mark/Voice Translator dialogue box appears when you click this button.
  • Word Capture
    • Click Word Capture, words translation lunches. Deselect it, the function will be cancelled.
  • Sentence Capture
    • Click Sentence Capture, sentence translation lunches. Put the mouse on the sentence you want to translate. Deselect it, this will stop the function.
  • Mark Speech
    • Mark words that you want to hear, then click Mark Speech button, the marked words will be read.
  • Stop Speech
    • Click Stop Speech button, the speech will be stopped.
  • History Manager
    • If you have chosen Keep search result to the History option in Mouse Translation Settings, all the search history (words, meaning and pronunciation) will be kept in History Manager. You can modify, delete, print or export the records in it.
  • User Dictionary
    • User Dictionary allows you create your own dictionary and modify words in it. User Dictionary can improve translation quality and it will helpful for those professional users.
  • Clipboard Translator
    • Lunching Clipboard Translator, mark words that you want to translate, then the words will be translated.
  • Instant Messenger Translator
    • Instant Messenger Translator can translate the messages you’ve got, when you chat on MSN or QQ instant messenger.
  • Citelite
    • Citelite help you recite English words while you are working on the computer.
  • IETrans
    • IETrans is a new function which allows you translate text in Microsoft Web Brower Control window, such as: Outlook Express, Foxmail, CHM Document, Tencent TT browser and MyIE browser.
  • Lunching IETrans 
    • Step 1: Click the IETrans button on the main window; it locates at the right foot of the desktop. Or Click Start à All Programs à Passport 5.0, you will see IETrans item. Click it, the program will run automatically.
    • Step 2: Open a window, when cursor is placed on it, the appears. Click it, a menu will open then you can select a translation function, then the text will be translated.
  • System Settings
    • Click this button, the Passport Settings Dialogue Box will comes out. You can set up all the attributes here, such as skin, mouse translation, speech, hotkeys, translation qualities, etc.
  • Mark Translation Settings
  • In mark translation Settings, you can set: Keep search result to the History manager, Open Speech Engine, Sentence Translation, and Chinese Dictionary.
  • Skins
    • Passport provides many different skins. Click Skins button, you will see a skin list on the drop-down menu. You may choose what you like.
  • The Usage of Hostran Bar
  • Hostran Bar is a self-dependent translation toolbar. It is embedded in Microsoft Office 2000/XP: Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer (6.0 versions or higher). Hostran Bar can translate web pages, E-mails, office documents partially or completely as requested.

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