CAYIN xPost - digital signage content creation software (meetingPost, wayfinderPost, and lobbyPost)

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Current Export Markets : Worldwide

IntroductionCAYIN xPost, the web-based application software, offers a powerful suite of content editing software: meetingPost, wayfinderPost, and lobbyPost, to create rich contents for digital signage in different vertical markets. It provides an easy-to-use platform for instant data entry and further extends the usage of CAYIN SMP-WEB series players to meet users’ requirements of frequent, daily maintenance.




Four easy steps to create a signage

xPost provides the content editing platform with easy operational workflow, which comprises the following four steps:

  • STEP 1: add a new display
  • STEP 2: select a template
  • STEP 3: modify template settings
  • STEP 4: enter data

Pre-designed templates for fast adoption

meetingPost, wayfinderPost, and lobbyPost are all installed with various portrait and landscape templates that allow users to create signage easily and quickly. Users can also customize displays by changing logo, background image, as well as colors and sizes of texts based on actual needs.

Web-based UI for easy remote management

xPost provides a web-based user interface, designed to be simple and intuitive. Administrators can sit in front of any computer and remotely change the information displayed in the lobby, outside meeting rooms, and in the hallway.

Build-in useful icons for choices

wayfinderPost provides many useful icons, such as arrows, numbers, English characters, and other symbol signs for quick adoption. Your own designs can also be uploaded if necessary. In addition, lobbyPost provides 48 useful weather icons and 237 national flags to enrich your presentation.




You can process online booking for all meeting and banquet rooms, and other facilities. To arrange events on monthly and weekly calendars, simply click on the dates and start to book rooms! meetingPost also features for its search function, which can automatically find available rooms for a specified period of time.




wayfinderPost provides various templates, which can be applied in different occasions with great flexibility, such as Special Event and Wayfinding, Meeting Information and Direction, Service Facility Sign and Direction, and Floor Plan.




Each template of lobbyPost contains multiple areas for a variety of combinations of guest room information, currency exchange, weather information, images, Flash, video, and ticker. You can follow the pre-configured usages or modify the data type of each area to create your own ideal lobby display.


note: Software will be delivered via online download, without physical CD.

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