The i-Kiddo digiBank is an intelligent electronic money bank. It has the world’s first patented coin

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No

Language : English

Product Features

  • Intelligent coin-identifier
    The i-Kiddo digiBank equips with a build-in patented coin-identifier which identifies various coins in different countries.
  • Amount calculation
    The i-Kiddo digiBank automatically calculates the total amount in the box and displays on the LCD screen. Thus the owners can instantly know the total saving amount.
  • Saving Target Setting
    The i-Kiddo digiBank has a saving target feature for the kids to set their saving target and keep track of the amount saving.
  • Saving Progress Display Icon
    The LCD panel has progress icons display, which clearly shows you saving progress against your saving target.
  • Encouraging music
    The i-Kiddo digiBank features different encouraging music tones. It will play 5 different encouraging music tones when you reach each of the 5 saving progress level. When reached saving amount target, it will even play an celebration music. Thus it will add more more fun to the saving progress for your kid and encourage your kid to save his/her money.
  • Reminding music
    The i-Kiddo digiBank will play a reminding music tone as no saving in one day.
  • The Money Bank Key
    The i-Kiddo digiBank comes with a key to the opener which prevent kids from opening the money bank before reaching the goal.
  • Clock Functions
    The i-Kiddo digiBank also works as an alarm clock. Five different alarm clock music to choose from.
  • Cash Register Sound
    The i-Kiddo digiBank has different cash register sounds for different coins, which makes money saving fun and encourage your kids to do so.

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