The latest All-in-One PC available in 17" & 19" regular screen display.

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No

Language : English

The new 17" All-in-One PC from Cybernet allows interchangeable panel so the unit can be upgraded to a 19" version in the future without changing any of the internal components except the panel. The new i-One GX31 17" model delivers Desktop Performance, scalability & Space Saving at its best. This new i-One combines a Personal Computer, an LCD monitor & TV in one simple, elegant package. If you want a personal computer that won't infringe on your personal space, then the new i-OneGx31 will have you rethinking what a desktop PC can be.

Key Features:

Below are just some of the key features we wanted to share with all of our interested buyers and users of
i-One™ :

  • Space saving.
  • 50% Less Power Requirement, providing solution to global warming problem .
  • Providing healthy atmosphere around the workstation as the system is virtually cable free (free from cobweb and dust)
  • Lower Ownership Cost
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • Easy to Service
  • Easy Deployment
  • Almost no noise, very ideal for hospitals, libraries, etc.
  • Large screen unlike portable system .
  • Perform exactly the same as traditional PC with less power consumption help saves money and
  • It position itself in between the desktop and laptop in terms of price .
  • It can support the latest technology trends available in the market .

If you are looking computer for yourself, as a gift or business purpose, go for the latest as people surround you always demand the latest .

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