Vehicle Applied Fanless Systems
C&T ACO-3000 Vehicle-applied Fanless Systems

C&T Solution Inc., one of Taiwan’s primary manufacturers of innovative, high-performance and reliable PC-based computing systems and solutions, is pleased to unveil the ACO-3000 series Vehicle Applied Fanless Systems.  Designed with high-performance mobile applications in mind, the ACO-3000 series is a fanless system with in-vehicle certifications of E-Mark and EN-50155 which is compact enough to be installed wherever you want.

To provide better computing performance and extra-ordinary performance for emerging high-end applications, it supports the 5th Gen. Intel® i5/i3 or Celeron® Processor. The ACO-3000 series fanless systems design reduces downtime and maintenance costs related with deploying standard PC solutions in harsh industrial environments.
The ACO-3000 series is built to withstand wide temperature conditions as low as -40°C and as high as 70°C and is encased in a fanless dustproof enclosure which can operate under shock and vibration. Since the power source from a vehicle can be very unstable at times, the ACO-3000 series adopts a wide range of power input from 9VDC to 48VDC, increasing the reliability of the whole system dramatically. It also provides various power protection such as over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), and reverse protection to secure reliable operation and prevent from damaging the system. Additionally, it supports a user-friendly front-access AT/ATX switch, allowing user to make adjustments with a single click.
Featuring triple independent displays using the processor’s graphics engine, the ACO-3000 series delivers outstanding system performance enabling real-time vehicle computing tasks possible with no delay. It also comes with multiple optional PoE or LAN ports to support transport surveillance and real-time recording applications. The ACO-3000 series accommodates SATA Drives for RAID 0/1 for large media program, isolated DIO with Change-of-State interrupt support and Ignition Power Control to provide options to adjust on/off delay to turn on/off system based on ignition signals and system status. In addition, it offers a range of expansion capabilities including PCI/PCIe/Mini PCIe.
Each model of the ACO-3000 series provides the ease-of-use, performance and flexibility required to meet the diverse requirements of industrial applications, while accommodating the needs and experience of end users. Hence, the ACO-3000 series are differentiated by a multitude of I/O connectivity which can be connected to various in-vehicle features and meet application requirements.
With its rugged performance and solid-state mobile applications, the ACO-3000 series is truly an ideal platform for any intelligent transportation application. Performing the most diverse task, the ACO-3000 series can be used for infotainment systems in taxis, buses or any railway systems. The ACO-3000 series is the best choice for cost savings and reliability for your vehicle application.

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C&T’s ACO-3000 series Vehicle Applied Fanless Systems deliver reliable and excellent system performance for in-vehicle applications 2016/12/01

Technical Specification Sheet (Spec. Sheet)