AVERLOGIC FPGA INNOVATION CHALLENGE - Design your own Video Application

AverLogic´s FPGA Innovation Challenge calls for ideas from engineers across the world to design new video applications which incorporate the AL462 FIFO and the AL462 FIFO development board for ALTERA FPGA platform. The contest is one of the means for AverLogic Technologies to accelerate innovation, by creating synergies with engineers. It will help to face the needs of a new world: UAV, unmanned vehicle, 5G/4G data station and IOT video/audio.

The world most advanced 4K/2K UHD FIFO memory to better face the new demands in the video industry

AverLogic’s AL462 provides the world’s largest and fastest First in First Out data queuing memory used by wide-range HD video/audio applications in broadcast, video surveillance, medical, camera process and industrial instrument markets.

The AL 462 consists of 512Mbits memory density and can be configured as a 16M by 32-bit or dual 16-bit bus interface and operated at maximum R/W speeds up to 150 MHz for 4k2k video frame buffer; equivalent to 9.6GB/sec of simultaneous read/write data throughput.

Who can join the contest?

The FPGA Innovation Challenge is a competition open to engineers who design Video Editing, Video Algorithm, and Video Pattern Generator applications. The eligible teams will receive a free AL462 video development kit and get the chance to win the big prize, USD500, in finals.

Ken Liu, Senior Product Manager of AverLogic Technologies, said, “We’re excited to open the FPGA Innovation Challenge. This is a tremendous opportunity for engineers to bring their ideas to life. I am looking forward to seeing the innovation this contest brings.”

The deadline for entries is 15 November 2018. To participate, engineers should form teams of one to five members and submit the application form and project description to AverLogic Technologies.

For detailed instructions on how to enter and judging criteria:


FPGA INNOVATION CHALLENGE opens for engineers to develop the next generation of video applications Eligible teams will receive a FREE AL462 development kit and the winner will get USD500 2018/09/28

Technical Specification Sheet (Spec. Sheet)