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Taipei, Taiwan – February 17, 2016DFI (a leading provider offering a wide range of embedded  products for industrial applications) delivers a complete and integrated solution for the ever-growing demands in smart manufacturing. DFI's total factory solution is comprise of a wide range of industrial-grade and ruggedized products to make sure that our customers not only effectively monitor and manage industrial equipment, manufacture processes in real time, but also optimize the whole production line with high quality.

Featured Applications

Machine Vision

More and more manufacturers have started applying machine vision inspections to the production process to reach higher quality and productivity. The AOI systems utilize industrial PCs and several cameras to capture image and determine defects at high speeds. DFI’s EC510-HD system, powered by high-performance 4th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and up to 5 GbE LAN ports, has been designed to be the best solution for machine vision applications.

Product Packaging

Automatic industrial machines operate under harsh factory environments and require continuous 24/7 operation. Thus, as a perfect central controller of the machine, the EC700-BT compact box PC provides low-power Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor platform and fanless design to deliver good computing and longer MTBF. In addition, the Industrial PC also features extended operating temperatures (-20~60) to ensure sustainable production in adverse conditions.

Shop Floor Monitoring

Shop-floor data collection and monitoring equipment in real time can help manufactures get the information on the performance and effectiveness of the production line in order to optimize and improve processes. The EC553-DL systems are equipped with server/workstation-class Intel® Xeon® E3 processor, ECC memory for better system reliability, and 5 expansion slots to provide extra capacity and flexibility.  Hence, this solution ideally fits the requirements of the factory data center.

DFI’s complete embedded products are specially designed by industrial-grade components with 100% Japanese CAP and polymer capacitors to ensure long product lifecycle and reliability. DFI also provides a high-qualified testing environment in thermal cycle testing, thermal profile temperature, and capacitor temperature for all heat-generated parts to enhance the quality and stability of products. DFI is your ideal partner to satisfy all the requirements when developing automation solutions.

DFI Provides a Total Solution for Smart Manufacturing 2017/04/21